A Family Adventure in Guanacaste: 9 Days with a Toddler


Planning a trip with the family to Guanacaste while bringing along one involves careful planning to ensure a perfect mix of fun and relaxation. Explore this area of Costa Rica with the help of this guide, which guarantees a memorable trip for every family member.

Tips for Beginning Your Journey in Guanacaste: Arrival and Where to Spend Your First Night

After arriving at Liberia International Airport (LIR) at 8:30 PM, you might wonder whether to spend the night in Liberia or go to Playa Hermosa. Given the hour and travelling with a toddler, it’s best to head to Playa Hermosa. Playa Hermosa is conveniently located a 20-30 30-minute drive away from the airport, providing a tranquil beachfront environment where you can start your day with the calming melodies of the ocean. This choice helps you save time and lets your family begin to relish the vacation.

Finding the Ideal Accommodation in Guanacaste; Selecting the Best Location for Your Family Vacation


Choosing where to stay also plays a role in ensuring the perfect trip. The peaceful shores of Playa Hermosa are great for relaxing and keeping the child safe. Tamarindo is designed for those enjoying a busy nightlife and touristic experiences, which is different. Therefore, as the core approach revolves around a toddler-friendly offering, it combines relaxation and daily outings perfectly.

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One could design a sane itinerary that began on Playa Hermosa and worked clockwise, making stops in towns like Bijagua for its abundant nature and the comfortably secluded Playa Flamingo, where the charm lies in what one doesn’t do. But each city offers a different experience, a different mix of tamarin monkeys and lolling in the sun.

In Playa Hermosa, the top lodging options are Villas Acacia and Hotel El Velero, known for their proximity to the beach and family facilities.

If you’re seeking ways to make your time more fulfilling, check out the Costa Rica Sailing Centre in Potrero. It’s a spot for families to enjoy sailing, kayaking and paddleboarding activities. Their website, Costa Rica Sailing Centre, provides more details on their offerings.

Exploring Guanacaste: Fun Activities for Everyone to Enjoy


Guanacaste offers a variety of family activities ranging from relaxing beach outings to adventures. Exploring the coastline by sailing on a catamaran or going on a beach-hopping adventure are ways to discover the shore’s beauty. For private day trips, websites like Mystic Rides and Life is Better at Sea offer tailored experiences for families, ensuring a personalized adventure.

Inland day trips to Bijagua or Rio Celeste introduce families to Costa Rica’s primaeval landscapes and wildlife. Llanos de Cortez Waterfall and Rio Celeste/Tenorio National Park offer accessible natural wonders and spectacular beauty. You can manage them with a toddler.

For those interested in Costa Rica’s rich biodiversity, the Diamante Eco Adventure Park and the Monkey Farm provide interactive learning opportunities. It’s important to study and select attractions that prioritize animal welfare and protection.

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When to Venture Beyond the Shoreline: Adding Wildlife and Nature to Your Travel Plans

Although Guanacaste’s beaches are a significant attraction, exploring the region’s interior gives access to rainforests and wildlife. In Bijagua, the contrasting weather and unique animal species, including sloths, toucans and many frogs, are worth mentioning. Casitas Tenorio and Heliconias Lodge are family-friendly eco-lodges in the middle of lush nature, ensuring unforgettable experiences in Ecuador’s ecological behaviours.

The rainfall map from Costa Rica Guide indicates that despite its location, Bijagua offers a climate that makes it an excellent choice for families to visit even in the rainy season. During the period known as ‘vanilla’, also called summer, there is usually less rainfall in July and August, creating an excellent opportunity for outdoor exploration.

Adding an educational outing to the itinerary, such as a chocolate tour, provides a tasty, family-friendly perspective on cocoa cultivation and production – while serving as a bridge to Costa Rica’s local culture and agricultural practices.

Crafting a rounded schedule for families; Tips on organizing your activities

A great plan could be to begin your journey with a couple of days at Playa Hermosa, where you can enjoy beach access and unwind as soon as you arrive. Then, vent


What’s the best way to kick off my journey to Guanacaste smoothly despite arriving?

Upon arrival at Liberia International Airport, go to Playa Hermosa for a tranquil beginning next to the shores.

What are some excellent accommodation options for a family with a child in Guanacaste?

Playa Hermosa provides a tranquil and welcoming setting, ideal for families travelling with children.

What activities can families do in Guanacaste?

Families can engage in sailing, kayaking, observing wildlife, and enjoying beach days, all with customized experiences offered by tour companies.

When would be the time to venture into the regions of Guanacaste to observe wildlife?

In July and August, there is a period known as the ‘vanilla’ or little summer when the weather becomes more suitable for adventures.

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