Adult-Only 18+ Top Picks for Bali Resorts: Close to the Beach

Bali is famous for its scenery, lively traditions and peaceful shorelines. The island caters to families, couples and solo travelers. There is an increasing desire for resorts exclusively for adults. These places provide a setting, away from the lively presence of kids making them perfect for individuals looking for a calm getaway.

Why Choose an Adult-Only Resort?

Exclusive resorts hold a special appeal due to the guarantee of tranquility. Travelers, those involved with kids or who are parents often crave a respite from the never ending exuberance of youth. These holiday destinations offer a sanctuary for grown ups to recharge indulge in discussions and relish amenities designed exclusively for their enjoyment.

Misconceptions about Adult-Only Resorts

It’s important to note that the term “adult only” doesn’t necessarily refer to individuals, over the age of 18.” In resorts adults are categorized as individuals aged 13 or 14 in some cases while in others the threshold may be set at 16 years old. The Onaya Resort in Uluwatu advertises as a resort for adults with a minimum age requirement of 16. In Sidemen Samanvaya requires individuals to be least 14 years old. Hence it’s important to review the age requirements of the resort before making a reservation.

Best Picks for Adults Resorts in Bali

Resort Name Location Minimum Age
Bali Hotel Pearl Jalan Arjuna, Double Six, Legian 15
Banksia Suites, Legian Legian Adults Only
Niksoma Legian Not Specified
The Padma, Legian Legian Adult-only pool area
Bali Kaktus Apartments 5-minute walk from the beach Adults Only
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Things to Consider When Booking

When selecting a resort for adults it’s crucial to take into account the destination. Some resorts, such as the Onaya Resort may promote their location as being in an area like Uluwatu yet they are actually secluded and distant from the closest beach. Make sure to check out reviews and maybe even reach out to the resort directly to make sure it fits your needs perfectly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know if a resort is genuinely adult-only?
– Always check the resort’s age criteria. There are varying opinions on what age defines adulthood with some considering it to start at 13 or 14 while others believe it begins at 16 or 18.

2. Why are adult-only resorts popular in Bali?
– Bali is a choice for honeymooners and a sanctuary for couples. Catering specifically to adults these resorts provide an romantic atmosphere.

3. Are adult-only resorts more expensive?
– Not necessarily. The cost can. Exclusivity might occasionally mean a higher cost.

4. Why do some resorts label themselves as “adult-only” but allow teenagers?
– The definition of “adult” varies. At resorts teenagers could be seen as responsible and mature individuals capable of upholding the peaceful atmosphere of the resort.

5. Can I find adult-only resorts near the beach in Bali?
– There are quite a few resorts for adults only that are located on the beach or just a short stroll away from it. Make sure to verify the resorts whereabouts and how close it is to the beach prior to making a reservation.

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In conclusion, a stay at an adult-only resort in Bali is a distinctively different experience than other parts of the archipelago exclusively reserved for children. Whether as a couple looking for a romantic hideaway; as a solo guest longing to get away from it all; or if you simply cannot take another second of the gregarious vibe of the family-friendly resorts, then a rejuvination-filled stay at an adult-only resort in Bali might be just the prescription you need.

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  1. Man, those exclusive resorts? They’re like an oasis for us grown-ups. You know, sometimes you just need a break from all the kid craziness. A place to chill, have some adult conversations, and just soak in some peace and quiet.

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