Heading: Packing. Staying Hydrated for a Bali Trip with Three Kids

Traveling with kids can be quite an exhilarating experience well as a challenging endeavor, particularly when embarking on a solo trip with extended family. Getting ready for a journey, like that involves planning and taking into account the individual requirements of each child. Here is a detailed manual to assist you in preparing for your vacation to Nusa Dua with children aged 5, 6 and 8.

Essentials for In-flight Entertainment

Traveling on extended flights can feel tiresome for kids, which’s why it’s crucial to bring along things that will help keep them engaged. Consider including:

  • Interactive sticker books, such as those by Melissa and Doug
  • A favorite teddy or stuffed animal
  • Snacks like cheerios, dried fruit, popcorn and juice boxes
  • “My Big Adventure Bali” activity book
  • Travel-sized coloring books, crayons, portable games and children’s headphones

Health and Safety First

  1. Always pack a first aid kit.
  2. Don’t forget to pack some bandages cleansing wipes and ointment for cuts.
  3. Make sure you have pain relievers for children and a digital thermometer on hand.
  4. Remember to bring along some cream and oral rehydration salts.
  5. Make sure to bring along medications for ailments such, as travelers diarrhea.
  6. Using ear drops for swimmers ear and eye drops can come in handy during hours spent at the pool.

Adapting to Bali’s Environment

The tourist spots in Bali like Sanur close to Nusa Dua have a strong Western influence. You can easily spot known fast food joints but make sure to explore local Warungs or eateries for a genuine taste of Balinese cuisine. Don’t forget, Balis tropical weather guarantees it’ll be warm and muggy. Ensure you and your kids stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. It’s best to steer of tap water and stick to the bottled water supplied by your lodging. Remember to bring hats, sunglasses, rash guards, sunscreen and bug spray with DEET or Picaridin to shield yourself from the sun and pesky mosquitoes.

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Local Tips and Tricks

Make your journey that little bit easier by arming yourself with a few quirky travel tips. Need some shampoo or toothpaste when your there? There are shops in Bali that sell the stuff, but plenty of travellers recommend the laundry services for all your toiletry needs. It can be the last power outlet you ever by for that trip, you only need to carry one power adapter and it can charge 5 different devices.


How can I protect my kids from Bali Belly?
Bali Belly refers to an onset of stomach inflammation resulting from bacterial or parasitic infections. Make sure your children maintain hand cleanliness particularly before meals and steer clear of consuming water from the tap.

Why is it essential to stay hydrated in Bali?
The tropical weather in Bali can get pretty warm and sticky which can cause dehydration to happen fast in kids. Staying hydrated by drinking an amount of water is essential for regulating body temperature and sustaining energy levels.

How can I ensure my kids’ safety around pools in Bali?
Balis floors with tiles and pool surroundings may become slippery when they are wet. Make sure your children thoroughly dry their feet after swimming and remind them to walk, not run, when they are, near the pool.

Another study showed that commercial airline travel could lower oxygen saturation in children, so there’s scientific data to back up the importance of ensuring kids are well-rested and comfortable during flights. One more found that chronic aircraft noise exposure had statistically significant results in cognitive and health developments of children, which means you should probably make sure to pack noise cancelling headphones for their in-flight entertainment.

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With preparation and remembering these suggestions your family vacation to Nusa Dua can turn into a wonderful and stress free adventure for you and your children.

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