e-Visa on Arrival (e-VOA): photo mismatch error

Understanding e-VOA Submission Issues

For parents, the e-VOA process can be daunting. A frequent problem occurs when there is a difference in the childs looks, causing a discrepancy, between the passport photo and the current profile picture.

Travelers have come up with ways to deal with the challenges of e Visa on Arrival. Some individuals have achieved outcomes by utilizing older pictures that bear a closer resemblance to the passport photo. Some people recommend taking another scan of the passport photo making sure it’s clear and sharp.

Comparing e-VOA and VOA

Dealing with visa on arrival (e VOA) problems, the Visa on Arrival (VOA) emerges as a practical option. It’s a process that relies less on technology making it easier for those who’re cautious, about digital issues.

The process for VOA although usually simple can be influenced by the airports peak times. Be prepared to encounter lines as being ready is crucial for a hassle free VOA process.

Technical Troubles and Triumphs

The e VOA systems dependence on technology increases the likelihood of encountering issues. However determination and the right timing could be factors in effectively dealing with these challenges.

IssueCommon SolutionAlternative Option
Photo MismatchUse an older, resembling photoApply for VOA upon arrival
Long QueuesArrive during off-peak hoursConsider e-VOA for faster processing
Technical GlitchesRetry on different days/timesContact customer support for guidance


  1. How can I avoid the e-VOA photo mismatch error? Consider utilizing a picture that closely matches the one in your passport even if its from a time. Make sure the backdrop, illumination and facial demeanor match.
  2. Why does the VOA seem more reliable than the e-VOA? The process used by the VOA is simple. Relies less on technology, which can be erratic and affected by variables such, as photo quality and website activity.
  3. How can I ensure a smooth VOA process at the airport? Make sure you have your passport, boarding pass and payment ready when you arrive. Try to steer of busy hours if you can to reduce the amount of time you spend waiting.
  4. Why do some travelers not face any issues with the e-VOA? There could be reasons for this such, as having photos that closely resemble the ones in your passport not encountering any technical glitches on the website or just being fortunate.
  5. How should I handle long queues for the VOA? Patience is key. If you’re heading out during a peak travel time think about using the e VOA as a choice but be ready for any hiccups, along the way.
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In conclusion although the e VOA system intends to streamline entry to Bali it is evident that it has its shortcomings. When planning your trip it’s important to consider the advantages and disadvantages of the visa on arrival (e VOA) compared to the standard visa on arrival (VOA). Select the option that aligns best with your needs taking into account any technical challenges and the flexibility needed when traveling with kids.

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