e-Arriving in Bali. Needing a Visa on Arrival? If you’re unable to make the payment it seems like its considered ‘expired’. You have options for a 60 day visa or a 30 day e Visa

Bali, known as the Island of Gods has long been a spot for travelers from all corners of the globe. Many people are drawn to this paradise because of its beautiful beaches, lively culture and green scenery. . Before you start packing your luggage and make your way to the airport there’s one important task you must take care of; arranging for your visa.

Understanding the e-Visa Process

The e Visa system for Bali has sparked conversations, among travelers particularly those who encountered difficulties while applying. When using the e Visa for visa application it’s important to understand the possible challenges and how to handle them effectively.

Types of Visas Available

Various visa options are accessible for individuals visiting Bali. The 30 day electronic visa is an option, among tourists enabling you to submit your application online and subsequently prolong it by another 30 days once you reach Bali. Some misunderstandings exist about this. You are unable to acquire a 60 day visa upon arrival. You can actually submit your visa application online. Some Indonesian consulates even provide this service. You can get a Visa on Arrival (VOA) at the airport. You have the option to extend it once while you’re there. It’s an effective procedure that will set you back 500,000 Indonesian Rupiah. Payment can be made using recognized currencies or credit cards.

Common Issues with e-Visa Applications

Many people who have traveled recently mentioned they encountered difficulties while applying for a visa. Frequent problems often involve issues with payments not going through mistakes in filling out forms and various technical hiccups. A lot of people have encountered issues with the website freezing when they reach the payment phase causing frustration especially when you’re rushing to finalize your visa application at the hour. A few individuals mentioned encountering a situation where they were prompted to provide a sponsor on the form directing them to websites that request payment for sponsorship. Moreover using characters or working within Indonesian business hours may lead to the application malfunctioning.

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Tips for a Smooth e-Visa Application Process

To have an e Visa application experience it’s important to stay calm and consider trying to apply at a different time if you encounter any difficulties. Please refrain from using any characters in the form as they may lead to errors. Be aware of the time zone variances. Take into account the typical work hours in Indonesia. There is a time gap of 2 hours, between Korea and Indonesia. If you’re having difficulty with the procedure you might want to contact visa consultants in Bali or the Indonesian embassy in your nation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question Answer
How can I extend my 30-day e-Visa? Vous avez la possibilité de prolonger votre visa électronique de 30 jours une fois arrivé à Bali. Just a heads up you might need to provide a sponsor when filling out the form.
Why is my e-Visa application stuck on ‘billing’? This is a common issue faced by many. You should consider attempting more at a later time or verifying that you are not submitting your application during working hours in Indonesia.
Can I get a 60-day visa on arrival? No, you cannot obtain a 60-day visa on arrival. You should submit your visa application either online or at Indonesian consulates.
Why do I need a ticket out of Indonesia before boarding my flight to Bali? You need to possess a ticket showing your departure from Indonesia in order to get on your flight. Make sure you leave within 60 days of arriving if you plan to apply for a visa that lasts for 60 days.
Why is my e-Visa application saying ‘expired’? If this problem arises it would be advisable to submit an application. If you’re still facing issues you might want to get in touch with the embassy in Bali or a local visa advisor.
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In Conclusion

The e-Visa process for Bali can seem daunting, but you will get there with patience and understanding – and the gorgeous cultural oasis that awaits you when you get to Bali makes the effort very worthwhile.

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