eChallenges faced at the VOA office in Bali include taking a passport photo logging in and completing the application process

As part of Indonesia’s push to take the Visa on Arrival (VoA) process digital, it has made the process of getting a Visa on Arrival much more streamlined by introducing the Electronic Visa on Arrival. But with any new system, there are bound to be some hiccups.So, if you are trying to apply for an eVOA for Indonesia as a tourist and are having issues, here is our troubleshooting guide to guide you through the process and answer some common questions to the process.

Prepare your documents before submitting an eVOA application. Besides documents that prove citizenship and identity, you need a colour softcopy passport photo with your face clearly visible in a forward-facing direction and the right size and resolution.

Registering for eVOA

The first step after registering for an eVOA is to upload your passport details. I found out the hard way that this didn’t always go smoothly – errors saying ‘Save passport failed. Please check your passport attachment,’ followed by reuploading, could occur because the photo needed to be the right size. Here are the rules:

  • Please ensure that the picture has a resolution of 200 dots, per inch (dpi) and dimensions measuring 985 by 1431 pixels.
  • The file size should be under 299 KB.
  • If you run into any problems consider adjusting the size of your image to 400 by 600 pixels.

Troubleshooting Login Issues

Once you’ve signed up successfully you might encounter issues when trying to log in. It’s an idea to give it a few minutes after signing up before you try to log in. This allows the system to activate your account.

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Filling Out the Application

Make sure to review all the information when completing the application paying particular attention to the dates provided. Some customers have mentioned differences in the arrival date they were given and the departure date shown on the payment screen. It appears to be a mistake that is usually fixed by the system at a later time displaying the accurate “valid from” and “valid until” dates on the approved eVOA.

Payment and Processing

Before you hit that pay button, make sure the information is correct (and if you have multiple applications pending repayment as a result of multiple attempts, typically you’re safe paying for the first one and ignoring all the ones that come after).

Photo and Passport Scan Tips:

  • A smartphone photo that is clear is usually good enough for scanning your passport.
  • Make sure that your complete name including any names matches precisely with the name on your passport to prevent any complications at passport control.
  • Please ensure that the picture of your face is facing forward and corresponds to the image on your passport.

Common Pitfalls and Solutions:

  • If you’re having trouble uploading your picture consider snapping a photo using your phone while filling out the application.
  • Images need to be under 200 KB to be accepted.
  • The issue with the departure date is a recognized problem. It won’t impact the validity of your eVOA.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I ensure my passport photo is accepted? Please adjust the size of your image to meet the specified dimensions and file size. One easy method involves using a photo editing software to modify the width to 400 pixels and the height to 600 pixels.
  2. Why is my eVOA application showing the wrong departure date? This is a common system error. You should plan for your departure date to be 30 days after your arrival date in order to align with the duration of a 30 day visa. The mistake doesn’t impact the legitimacy of your visa.
  3. How can I fix login issues after registration? Please wait for a minutes after signing up to give the system time to activate your newly created account.
  4. Why does my eVOA application keep failing? Make sure that your picture meets the specified size and resolution criteria and that your complete name matches the one on your passport. If the problem continues consider switching to another device or web browser.
  5. How do I know if the issue is with the face photo or the passport scan? If you encounter an error related to the profile picture it probably indicates the problem. Make sure the picture is facing forward and looks like your passport photo.
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Applying for Indonesia’s eVOA can be as smooth as the waves in Bali, as long as you follow instructions, keep an eye out for common issues and solutions, pay close attention to every detail, stay calm when the system isn’t and take great care in preparing the necessary documents. Follow this advice and you will be well on your way to experiencing all the beauty, adventure, tranquility, spirituality, culture, celebration and wonder that Indonesia has to offer.

For an eVOA application process it’s crucial to pay close attention to details and be patient. Safe travels!

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  1. Applying for Indonesias eVOA can be smooth if you follow guidelines, check details, and stay patient. Safe travels, everyone!

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