A 12 day family vacation to Costa Rica with the kids: exploring wildlife, nature and relaxing on the beaches

La Fortuna, luogo dell’imponente Vulcano Arenal, è un paradiso per gli amanti della natura. Spending four nights at the Princesa de la Luna Ecolodge provides an escape in the heart of the rainforest. The lodge serves as a starting point for discovering the nearby waterfalls, hot springs and the wonders of Arenal Volcano National Park. Take two adults along and explore thrilling pursuits like zip lining, river rafting or a nighttime walk to catch sight of animals that come out at night.

The Mystical Cloud Forests of Monteverde

Then your adventure continues to the forests of Monteverde where you’ll spend three nights at the cozy Los Pinos Cabins. This region is well known for its range of wildlife and distinct environment. The Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve is definitely worth a visit allowing you to stroll through the canopy on suspended bridges and maybe even spot the resplendent quetzal. The weather is much cooler here compared to the heat so it’s a good idea to bring along some warmer clothes.

Sun, Surf and Sloths in Manuel Antonio

Your final stop, Manuel Antonio, is the perfect mix of beach relaxation and wildlife encounters. With four nights here, there’s plenty of time to lounge on the ivory sands as you scan the tree tops and spot the scarlet macaws. The national park is a great place to get up-close with sloths, monkeys and iguanas and with so many different dining and tour options, none of the touristy aspects of the area are difficult to escape.

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It’d be a pity to nominate Tortuguero National Park. This park is everything you might think – biologically diverse with canals unlike any other. However, you won’t see the turtles the park is named for if you go when they aren’t nesting. If you like the sound of this remote retreat, then consider allotting one less day to both Monteverde and Manuel Antonio and squeezing this detour in. Many packages include transport and lodge, so you can readily slip into this park’s serene setting.

Driving in Costa Rica: A Road Less Stressful

Renting a car provides you with freedom. Its important to note that navigating the roads in Costa Rica can be quite tricky. To reduce anxiety consider using navigation applications such as Waze refrain from driving after dark and choose a 4×4 vehicle for navigation on uneven landscapes. Rental companies like Vamos offer comprehensive packages with insurance and a hotspot for around $2,000, ensuring you stay connected and covered throughout your journey.

Whether to stay in Manuel Antonio or the sleepy Savegre depends mostly on your family’s preferences. If you’re looking for a tranquil beach experience, Savegre is ideal. If you want the convenience of being able to walk to a variety of restaurants and have access to lots of activities, Manuel Antonio is unbeatable.

San Jose: To Explore or Not?

After your flight is delayed in San Jose take the chance to discover the architecture and vibrant culture of the city. If you’re not keen on visiting museums and exploring the city with New York City nearby you might want to consider spending your final day surrounded by nature before returning home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can we ensure a smooth driving experience in Costa Rica?
Make sure to use apps such, as Waze rent a sturdy 4×4 car and steer clear of night driving when exploring Costa Ricas roadways securely.

Why might we consider staying in Savegre over Manuel Antonio?
Savegre provides an secluded beach setting, ideal for those in search of peace and a more authentic atmosphere away from the typical tourist crowd.

How do we balance nature and beach time in our itinerary?
Adjust your schedule according to what your family enjoys maybe cutting a day from one place to include a visit to Tortuguero, known for its natural surroundings.

Why should we book our car rental in advance?
When lots of people are traveling rental cars can run out fast so booking your car in advance guarantees you’ll have the ride you need.

How can we make the most of our last day with a late flight from San Jose?
Before your flight you might want to check out the attractions in San Jose or spend a relaxing day surrounded by nature. Just remember to think about where you can store your luggage if you plan on sightseeing, around the city.

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