How can I ensure the COVID-19 test I take fulfills the requirements for entry to Guatemala?

As the world struggles to deal with the blows of the global COVID-19 pandemic, travelers to Guatemala who aim to discover its beauties will find some severe entry requirements. These measures, targeted at containing the spread of the virus, changed over time as the health settings evolved. This article described the Guatemala entry protocols for U.K. travelers to prepare them for travel.

How to Conquer the Current COVID-19 Entry Protocols for Travellers from the U.K. to Guatemala

The Guatemalan government has placed entry requirements for travelers to stop the spreading of COVID-19. These protocols are designed to minimize the risk of importing new virus cases into the country. These reasonable measures serve as a key for easy, much less cumbersome entry into Guatemala, especially for travelers from the U.K.

Today’s latest updates say that passengers aged 10 and older traveling to Guatemala by air or land must present the following documents upon arrival:

  • A negative COVID-19 PCR test or antigen test is performed up to 72 hours before boarding at the point of departure or entry to the border post.
  • Recovery from COVID-19, where the certificate issued by a health facility has been presented, has elapsed a maximum of three months from the date of diagnosis, whose recovery has been confirmed, indicating the date of diagnosis and recovery for the traveler in question.
  • Complete vaccination schedule against COVID-19, where the last dose was applied at least two weeks before entering the Republic of Guatemala.

It’s also paramount for travelers to stay updated about the latest information, as the dynamics of the pandemic may demand the alteration of protocols at any time, just like what happened with the backtracking of these requirements announced in December 2021 by the Guatemalan government.

Vaccine and Testing Requirements for Entry to Guatemala: What Travelers Need to Know

They will have to pay attention to vaccination and testing requirements for travelers from the U.K. wishing to enter Guatemala. The new entry regulations, which will come into force on January 10, have just been announced. Now, it will be necessary to confirm not only complete vaccination but also provide a negative result of the test for COVID-19 for all foreign citizens. Vaccination needs to be a series of two doses or a single dose of Johnson and Johnson at least two weeks before arrival. A COVID-19 test, either PCR or antigen, shall have been taken three days before boarding, where the test day counts as day one and the check-in day as day three. The dual requirement highlights that Guatemala is still committed to safeguarding public health while welcoming international travelers. It’s essential for travelers to accurately calculate the testing window to ensure compliance with these regulations. All entry requirements, except the visa, for Guatemala citizens and temporary or permanent residents are flexible, with an option between a test or vaccination proof.

Where to Find Accurate Information and Updates on Entry Requirements in Guatemala

Ways to Get Confirmation on the Latest Travel Advisories and Entry Protocols

International travel in this pandemic is fluid; hence, “staying updated is critical to ensure a hassle-free experience”. The Ministry of Health, Guatemala, serves as the leading authority for health advisories, where updating information is vital to travelers’ safety and compliance. It also elaborates further on required vaccination, testing, and in case of quarantine, as suggested by the latest scientific evidence and supported by epidemiological data. Another helpful source is the U.S. Embassy in Guatemala, which serves information on travel alerts and safety for U.S. citizens. These decisions are based upon a full assessment of health risks with travelers, implications on operational demand, and logistics. This bi-directional process to consult health authorities and the diplomatic track ensures that travelers have a complete and updated overview.

Official and Supplementary Travel Information Sites

Could access and consult the information on traveling within Guatemala, with the protocols to enter for tourists, not only through governmental sources but also through the Instituto Guatemalteco de Turismo (INGUAT). With this, INGUAT’s communications can focus on creating a welcoming environment for international visitors with an emphasis on health and safety measures. Usually, their platform consists of travel advice, cultural insights, and updates on COVID-19 in terms of destinations, thus making it holistic to the visitors.

Community forums and travel discussion platforms such as TripAdvisor are other platforms where real-time information regarding traveling experiences is shared. However, such accounts are necessary to portray practical insights, yet the information gathered has to be cross-referenced with the information from official records. Last but not least, the assimilation of academic research, such as research on the effectiveness of travel restrictions and health protocols, into travel planning can further improve the preparedness of individuals intending to visit Guatemala. By checking a mix of authoritative and experiential sources, travelers can get a complete picture of the lay of the land so that their visit is fun and by public health guidelines.

When to Consider Travel to Guatemala: Other COVID-19 Restrictions

The following additional COVID-19 restrictions within Guatemala should be considered for intending travelers, as they could impact a visiting experience: mask mandate and curfew. Masks are required throughout Guatemala in public places, even though this requirement varies in compliance and enforcement depending on each location.

Before planning your trip, check the situation and restrictions in Guatemala to find out if it matches your expectations. This makes it an appealing proposition to explore Guatemala’s rich culture and breathtaking landscapes. However, safety precautions and measures are carefully implemented with concern for the well-being of visitors and the local population. In general, such relatively cumbersome and detailed entry conditions and supplementary COVID-19 measures as vaccination and presentation of negative PCR tests have been introduced adequately and reasonably to be considered and taken while in the U.K., responsibly planning an ordinary journey to Guatemala for ensuring a safe and pleasant visit. Equipped with the necessary information and properly armed to follow, it’s a breeze for any traveler to go through these protocols and experience their most profound Guatemalan adventure yet.


Where can I get the latest information on travel restrictions in Guatemala?

Refer to official sources such as the Ministry of Health of Guatemala and the U.S.The most up-to-date travel advisories and entry requirements for the U.K. can be found via the travel advice portal of the local embassy in Guatemala and the Instituto Guatemalteco de Turismo (INGUAT) websites.

What do I need to travel from the U.K. to Guatemala?

You must present a negative COVID-19 PCR or antigen test result taken within 72 hours before travel, proof of having recovered from COVID-19 within the last 3 months, or being fully vaccinated against COVID-19 at least 2 weeks since the final dose of a vaccine was received.

These new entry requirements, providing a vaccination certificate and taking a COVID-19 test with negative results, come into force as of January 10. Make sure to verify any changes or updates before the trip.

How do you calculate the test time concerning a trip to Guatemala?

The test must be carried out within three days of your flight to Guatemala, including the day of the flight. End Day one is the day of the test, and day three is the day of your airline check-in.

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