Tips for hailing a taxi on the streets of Ubud in an convenient manner

The Unforeseen Peril of a Rainy Day

Amid the lush Balinese landscapes intricate Hindu temples and rich cultural tapestry lies a major hazard for any visitor to the picturesque town of Ubud in Bali: street taxis. The unpredictable nature of these chaotic kangaroo chases is brought to light by a recent encounter between one tourist and a street taxi driver.“In these street taxis you are not going to be safe here in Bali, you run the risk of being left out of pocket and now you even run the risk of being mowed down,” driver Don Holroyd said.Just as he takes tourists on the journey down the Bible Belt, around Bali and through the often chaotic kangaroo races that are street taxis — with a couple of rows on the side — the driver of a farmer’s market car lost some composure.

It began innocuously enough. One afternoon the wife of a tourist sought refuge from the drizzle by flagging down a taxi, outside the Indomart store on Jl. They traveled from Raya Pengosekan to their accommodation to the monkey forest. The brief stroll, usually lasting, about 15 minutes turned into an experience. The driver boldly asked for rp300k for the ride without using the meter. When asked he got defensive. Kept her in the car until she agreed to what he wanted.

She realised things had taken a darker turn when she discovered that she’d left her phone behind in the taxi. The staff at the hotel tried to find the vehicle and the driver by using CCTV footage but he was now demanding increasingly outrageous sums of money. He told the hotel that he was on his way to the airport and wanted an additional rp500k.

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Seeking Resolution Amidst Chaos

Tensions rose and eventually the staff intervened: they negotiated with the driver, perhaps threatening legal resolution and forced him to back down, return most of the money and dismiss the incident as a ‘misunderstanding’. The psychological or emotional cost, however, proved unacceptable to the tourist and her wife. Further investigation discovered that the driver was an outsider; the local guides identified him as a taxi driver from Denpasar (the province’s capital) who was ‘thinking of the tourist’ and coming to Bali ‘to earn a profit’.

This situation raises important questions about the taxi industry in Ubud. As more people use ride-sharing apps (Grab and Gojek in Bali) to get around, taxi drivers are being put under more pressure than ever. Unfortunately, such underhand tactics tend to reinforce a negative image.

Understanding the Taxi Landscape in Ubud

Few places in the world have as complex a web of rideshare apps, traditional taxi drivers and out-of-town hustlers as Ubud. While many taxi drivers respect the values of honesty and integrity, a few step over the line into sneakiness. Ubud’s traditional taxi industry, often referred to by critics as a “protectionist mafia,” is all about protecting the local economy — albeit in ways that are anything but universally beneficial. One such tactic in the case of out-of-town drivers: stop them at the gate.

Preventive Measures for Tourists

For tourists, knowledge is power. Knowing about challenges and being proactive can really change the outcome. To steer clear of situations consider utilizing trusted apps such, as My Bluebird always opt for metered fares or agree on a price upfront before starting the journey. In addition backing up drivers while prioritizing individual safety can find a middle ground, between ease and supporting the communitys economy.

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  • How can I ensure I’m not overcharged by taxis in Ubud? Make sure to stick with trusted applications demand a meter or settle on a fare before commencing your trip.
  • Why is the taxi situation in Ubud so complex? The emergence of ride hailing applications alongside taxi services and drivers from other areas forms a diverse environment with different needs and obstacles.
  • How can I support local drivers without compromising on safety? . Select drivers, after considering suggestions, evaluations and personal encounters. Assurez-vous de fixer un prix à l’avance et d’utiliser des services réputés.

Ubud is a magical place and there is a wealth of beauty and wonder to explore. However, as with any popular tourist destination, there are some challenges. By remaining informed, exercising caution and understanding the lay of the land, you should be able to remain safe while you soak up the magic of Ubud. Remember, most of the taxi drivers in the area are honest and well-meaning, but it’s always good to be prepared and alert.

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