Arriving in Liberia with kids? Here’s a handy guide on family things to do and places to stay to make the most of your trip

The journey starts soon as you arrive in Liberia with your young family. A crucial aspect of having an fulfilling journey involves finding the right mix of unwinding and fun things to do particularly following a lengthy plane ride. Here is a detailed manual to guarantee you and your children create lasting memories.

What’s the ideal route to travel from Liberia to La Fortuna with children?

Arriving at Liberia Airport by 11 am sets you up nicely for the day. Before rushing off to La Fortuna it’s worth taking into account how energy your kids have. The trip to La Fortuna offers scenery and can be a wonderful adventure if your kids like traveling by car. Perhaps considering their ages of 4 and 6 a less exhausting option could be more appropriate.It would make sense to go for a transfer. This takes away the inconvenience of dealing with car rental processes after your flight and guarantees a pleasant trip for your family. Make sure to have child safety seats for kids under 12 when traveling in Costa Rica and remember to request them from your transfer service.If you’re worried about getting car sick the journey to Arenal offers views and could keep the kids happily occupied. If someone tends to get motion sickness make sure to be prepared with remedies and take breaks.

Exploring Accommodations and Activities for Your Day Around Liberia?

Upon your arrival and taking into account the possibility of feeling tired after the flight it would be best to plan for an leisurely first day. Playa Hermosa, a short 20 30 minute drive from the airport is an excellent choice. The shore with its calm waters ideal for swimming and gray sand is a great spot for kids to have fun and relax.If you’re thinking about doing something on your way to La Fortuna visiting Llanos de Cortez Waterfall would be an option. It’s convenient to reach and provides a setting for your loved ones to appreciate the outdoors with minimal hassle. Parque Nacional Rincón de la Explore Vieja for a thrilling adventure filled with hiking trails and unique volcanic attractions. It could be better for a day when everyone is feeling refreshed.When choosing a place to stay think about a location that’s both convenient and fun for the children. Hacienda Pacifica, situated an hour down the Pan American Highway is a fantastic option. It’s close to the Las Pumas Rescue Center, where you can observe birds and rescued animals. Its not too far from Cortez Waterfall. This place provides both ease of access and a glimpse of the allure of Costa Rica.

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What’s the best hotel for kids when traveling to La Fortuna?

Choosing a child-friendly hotel is crucial. You’re looking for somewhere that isn’t a quick visit but an integral part of your journey. Hacienda Pacifica is a choice due to its close proximity to Liberia and La Fortuna. You can enjoy a stay with chances to discover local sights such, as Las Pumas and Cortez Waterfall.Casitas Tenorio in Bijagua is also a choice worth considering. An hour and a half away from Liberia this place provides a charming and engaging atmosphere. While its nice to have a car the peaceful surroundings and the opportunity to discover the native plant and animal life definitely make it worth thinking about.In summary the experience of traveling from Liberia to La Fortuna can be just as rewarding, as reaching the destination. Ensuring your family has an pleasant experience involves selecting the appropriate activities and accommodations. Don’t forget it’s important to find a mix of exploring and unwinding while considering what your little ones require and how much energy they have. Enjoy your journey through Costa Rica’s stunning landscapes and rich cultural experiences!


How do I make sure the journey from the airport in Liberia to my hotel goes smoothly with my children?

You will get a much smoother transfer if you book in advance a private transfer (not included in our price). This is much more laidback than renting a car the day you arrive – young children especially will benefit from the relatively short distance they will have to travel to the heat and noise of the airport. Ask your transfer service to provide child safety seats because, under Costa Rican law, children under the age of 12 are not allowed in any vehicles without them. Telling your transfer provider beforehand what you will be doing will ensure you hit the ground running.

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What’s the ideal accommodation option near Liberia for a family with kids?

If you are travelling with little ones, stick within striking distance of Liberia on the first day. Playa Hermosa, 20 or 30 minutes west of the airport, is a great family option where the little ones can swim in safety and the sand is ideal for splashing around. Hacienda Pacifica is a great family hotel right on the road to La Fortuna and close to various attractions for kids, among them Las Pumas Rescue Centre.

What are some fun things to do near Liberia with kids on the day for a relaxing time?

You can hike to the beautiful Llanos de Cortez Waterfall from a nearby park, which makes for a great, low-effort family outing. It’s just a 30-minute drive south of Liberia and a secluded, peaceful spot that makes for some well-deserved relaxation after flying in. Taking the afternoon on the beach at Playa Hermosa is another great option, where the kids can romp safely and the choppy surf isn’t powerful enough to scare adults out of a swim.

What is the ideal time for a trip with kids from Liberia to La Fortuna?

The best time to make the 2- to 3-hour drive from Liberia to La Fortuna – under normal road conditions – varies significantly depending on whether you’re traveling with young children. Infants can be soothed by a car ride, but after your first, restful day, is also good. If you can manage, it’s nice to take off the day after you arrive in Liberia, allowing everyone to recover from the flight. It can also be an enjoyable drive if your children tend to like road trips, but if they’re prone to motion sickness or just find long drives difficult, it might make sense to stay somewhere near Liberia that second day and make the journey to La Fortuna the following morning.

Who should I contact regarding car rental and child safety regulations in Costa Rica?

If traveling abroad, you will have different rental requirements or a situation that would mean you need to speak to a car rental company and a private transfer company first. When discussing the rental car, ask the car rental company to arrange for a child seat or if you can bring your own, that complies with Costa Rican laws. Discuss from what point to what point the rental car availability would begin. ”Do we start the car rental period as soon as we​ land or do we wait until the first day we’re actually in town?” We find it’s much easier and comfortable to have a rental car at the airport and then drive to the hotel rather than take an airport taxi and return on another day for the rental car.

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