Tips for Getting Around La Aurora International Airport: An Handbook for Travelers

Arriving at an airport can sometimes feel overwhelming especially if you’re unsure, about the amenities they offer. This detailed handbook is designed for individuals arriving at La Aurora International Airport in Guatemala highlighting elements of your trip including lounges, dining choices and currency exchange facilities.

How can one make the most of their time while waiting at La Aurora Airport?

At La Aurora International Airport although the arrivals area isn’t packed with facilities there are still a choices available for passengers awaiting their companions. Travelers have mentioned that the arrivals section is a bit restricted mostly equipped with seating setups comprising, around twenty sturdy plastic chairs. However, there are a few options you might consider:

  • Outside the Arrivals Hall: After you leave the arrivals section if you turn to your right you’ll come across a little restaurant. This could be a convenient spot to grab a bite. It’s advisable to check its operational status before proceeding.
  • Departures Area: The departures area offers a variety of choices including a food court located on the mezzanine level before reaching security. Getting into this place might need some clever thinking. Visitors have mentioned that they’ve had luck by letting the security guard know they need to use the ATM.
  • Nearby Attractions: A quick stroll from the airport unveils a craft market and a charming zoo perfect for those traveling light and seeking a dose of excitement. Check out these spots nearby for a fun way to spend your time and immerse yourself in the local culture.
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Looking for the spots to exchange currency and access ATMs at La Aurora Airport?

When people travel internationally one important issue they often think about is exchanging currency. It’s an idea to steer clear of the currency exchange counters at La Aurora Airport because they offer less favorable rates. Here are some alternatives:

  • ATMs are often suggested as the choice for getting the local currency (GTQ). ATMs are available in both the baggage claim area and the departure hall. It’s crucial to be careful and opt for ATMs located in areas.
  • Security Precautions: To enhance security it’s a move to lock your ATM card when you’re not using it. It might be a hassle. It does provide a sense of security especially when you’re in new or unfamiliar places.
  • Departures Hall ATM: Some travelers have mentioned that the ATM located in the departures area could be considered secure compared to the one situated in the arrivals section. It’s crucial to remain vigilant and adhere to your security measures at all times.

Traveler Insights: Personal Experiences and Tips

  • Travelers have often spoken about the little café located just outside the airport. This location might be perfect for individuals seeking to steer of the inconvenience of maneuvering through various airport areas.
  • ATM Usage: It’s an idea to use ATMs during daylight hours and to stay aware of your surroundings. Though its not as conveniently placed the ATM situated beneath the staircase in the arrivals area is known for its security and overall reliability.
  • When it comes to handling their money on the go travelers can rely on T Mobiles data connection at the airport for carrying out banking activities.

Key Advice from Fellow Travelers

  • Navigating La Aurora Airport is most efficient when you are well prepared and knowledgeable, about your surroundings.
  • Remember to put safety first especially when dealing with money or personal items.
  • Make sure to immerse yourself in the culture and check out the nearby sights if you have some free time.

Getting around La Aurora International Airport doesn’t need to be difficult. By having the details and preparing ahead you can turn your layover or waiting period into a pleasant and satisfying aspect of your trip. Safe travels!

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What are some ways to pass the time while waiting at La Aurora International Airport?

If you have several hours at La Aurora International Airport, you could visit the small restaurant located outside the arrival hall and right after getting out, you would need to turn to the right. Although for a greater diversity of possibilities for having a meal, you could actually enter the departures area, which is a mezzanine above security. If you tell the guard that you require access to the ATM inside, you could probably get in. Moreover, the craft market and the zoo are located just a few blocks away, offering a unique Surrey experience.

Where are the best places to grab a bite to eat at the airport?

Unfortunately, the only dining option that you have upon arrival is rather limited. On the other hand, the departures section is equipped with a food court, which includes Subway, a chicken place, a pizzeria and a coffee shop . To get there, you will need to cross the street and enter the terminal building again. You will be required to show your passport at the entrance.

What are the top choices for exchanging currency at the airport?

It is generally not recommended to use currency exchange booths at the airport because they have bad rates. Instead, ATMs are a better option. The ATMs are located at the under the stairway in the arrivals and departures hall. You must, however, be mindful and consider security measures, such as immediately swiping your ATM card to lock.

What is the ideal time to utilize the ATMs at La Aurora Airport?

It is safer to use ATMs in common spaces during the day. Typically, the ATM in the departures hall is the best and most reliable. However, the one in the arrivals area is still safe because it is located before entering immigration, but it is less likely to have money, particularly over the weekend.

Tips for Staying Safe When Using ATMs at the Airport

Here are some tips to follow when you make use of ATMs at La Aurora Airport: always make use of the ATMs during the day, lock your ATM card when it is not on use and be aware of your environment. If you have the option, please use the ATM in the departures hall because it is safer.

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  1. Had a layover at La Aurora Airport. Tried the restaurant outside arrivals; decent food. Explored nearby craft market and zoo.

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