Arriving late at Bali Airport: Tips for an Smooth Journey to Ubud

Traveling to Bali is an amazing experience, but what should you do if you have an evening flight ? A lot of students have questions about getting to their housing if they are supposed to land in Bali at 10 pm. Read this guide with answers to all of your questions and avoid stress over a late arrival at Bali Airport!

Why Should You Plan Ahead for Late Arrival?

Arriving late at night can be quite tricky especially when you’re in a place you’re not familiar with such, as Bali. It’s crucial to plan ahead for the following reasons:

  • Safety: Arriving at night can be a bit confusing. Its important to prioritize your safety.
  • Navigation: Finding your way around a location when its dark can pose some challenges. Make sure you figure out how to get to your place to stay in advance. It’ll help you save time and avoid stress.
  • Check-In: Not all hotels have 24-hour reception. Arranging your transportation in advance guarantees that there will be someone to assist you with the check in process when you arrive even if it happens late at night.

Getting to Ubud

Here’s a detailed breakdown of options for getting from Bali Airport to Ubud safely and easily, even if you arrive late at night:

Pre-Arranged Transportation (Private Driver)

Book a private driver in advance. Numerous accommodations in Ubud provide transportation services from the airport. Once you arrive a reliable and well informed driver will be there to greet you.

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Hotel Shuttle

Please inquire at your accommodation in Ubud, about the availability of airport shuttle services. Make sure to contact your hotel of time to set up these accommodations.

Taxi Service

Find taxis at the airport. Make sure to stick to the taxi stands or opt for well known ridesharing applications for secure travel options.

Ridesharing Apps

Ridesharing rakendused nagu Grab on saadaval Balil. You can book a car through the app upon arrival.


  • How easy is it to get a taxi from the airport at night? Getting a taxi at night in Bali Airport is quite simple. Make sure to opt for taxi services or trusted ride hailing applications for a secure and reliable means of transportation.
  • Why should I consider pre-arranged transportation to Ubud? Arranging transportation in advance provides ease and a sense of security for those arriving late. You will be provided with a driver who knows the area well.
  • What if my hotel doesn’t have 24-hour reception? Make sure to let the hotel know in advance if you’ll be arriving late. They don’t have a 24 hour reception. They might have someone to welcome you when you arrive.
  • Is it safe to travel to Ubud late at night? Its usually considered safe to travel to Ubud at night. The roads in Bali are in condition making the trip to Ubud easy and uncomplicated.
  • Can I find transportation options at the airport if I haven’t arranged anything in advance? Sure you can find taxis and ridesharing options at the airport in case you haven’t already arranged for transportation beforehand. Use official services to ensure your safety.
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To sum it up ensuring an secure journey from Bali Airport to Ubud despite arriving late requires careful and thorough preparation. Having a thought out plan whether you choose pre arranged transportation or hail a taxi spontaneously can enhance the convenience of your travel experience. Enjoy your trip to Ubud, Bali’s cultural heart!

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