Looking for a chauffeur in Bali: tips on locating one, other options and pricing

Bali, the Island of Gods — what can I say about this destination? Whether you love the serene beaches of Nusa Dua or the cultural heartland of Ubud, Bali has something for everyone. Nevertheless, when some tourists see a considerable part of the island, they begin thinking of hiring a private driver. This guide will define the peculiarities of finding a private driver whom you can trust in Bali, so your journey would be as easy as the narrow Balinese roads.

Why Hire a Private Driver in Bali?

What having a private driver in Bali also means is that you are on your own time. You can make your own itinerary — stop wherever — and stay as long as you like. You’ll have a local person who can explain the customs, give you highlights and suggestions, function as a translator and get you to the places the tour buses don’t go. The roads in Bali can be confusing and a local who knows them can keep you safer.

When Should You Hire a Private Driver?

Opting to have a driver accompany you throughout your journey may seem appealing but it may not always be the most cost effective or convenient option. Here’s a breakdown:

  • When traveling to off places such as Ubud it’s wise to arrange for a driver from the airport for your transfers.
  • When planning day excursions it’s an idea to arrange for a local tour guide who knows the area well.
  • For journeys around locations such as Ubud it’s more cost effective to use services, like Grab or local taxi drivers you find on the roadside.
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How to Find a Reliable Driver?

Personal recommendations are what you should look out for when trying to make sure that you get a good driver in Bali. Whether these recommendations come from a friend or from somebody you trust on an online forum, a recommendation generally means that the driver has had a trial run and proven to be trustworthy. Websites or forums that offer tours in Bali also usually have a list of drivers curated by them, which are generally reliable, like Ubud Area Tours for example. It’s important however, not to blindly follow the recommendation of a user on a forum whose profile has only a single post. This could mean he’s only giving the recommendation for promotional purposes.

Cost Considerations

The cost can differ depending on how experienced the driver’s how long you hire the vehicle for and what type of vehicle you choose. It’s advisable to:

  • Make sure to reach out to drivers and compare the quotes you receive before choosing one for your trip.
  • Haggling; Even though prices are generally reasonable there’s often some leeway for bargaining. Just keep in mind that setting a price low could affect the level of service provided.

Backup Plans are Essential

There is always the possibility of things going wrong – drivers may become sick or have personal emergencies. Have a back-up plan of drivers or services to ensure that your trips are not delayed.


  1. How do I ensure my driver is reliable?

    Seek out drivers who have received positive reviews recommendations from individuals or are associated with reputable tour companies.

  2. Why shouldn’t I hire the same driver for my entire trip?

    Having the driver for a long time might not be cost effective even though it may appear convenient. Local drivers from areas may possess valuable knowledge, about those specific regions.

  3. What’s the alternative to a private driver for short distances?

    When traveling distances in places such as Ubud you might want to think about using services, like Grab or hailing a taxi from the roadside.

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To sum up although Bali provides a variety of transportation choices opting for a driver can truly enhance your overall experience. When you have a driver your journey becomes more, than just a trip; it transforms into an opportunity to discover Bali from the perspective of someone who knows it best. So, buckle up and enjoy the ride!

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