Pullman vs. Mercure Legian in Bali: comparison. Which is newer, what to choose, dining options

Bali, known as the Island of Gods is more, than a place to visit; it offers a truly unique and unforgettable experience. Every year many tourists are captivated by the beaches, lively culture and the excitement of an unforgettable journey awaiting them. Finding the accommodation in a popular destination can be quite overwhelming considering the multitude of options available. When seeking the place to stay in Bali, two frequently mentioned options are the Pullman Bali Legian and Mercure Bali Legian. Both hotels have their special appeal, amenities and of course advantages and disadvantages. Lets explore the offerings of each option and assist you in making an informed choice for your upcoming Bali getaway.

Location and Accessibility

Pullman and Mercure in Legian both have locations providing convenient access to the beautiful beaches and lively shopping areas of Bali.

  • Pullman Bali Legian is strategically located on the corner of Jl Pantai Kuta & Jl Melasti. The hotel is right in front of the beach so guests have to walk across the road to get to the shores. This spot also offers access to plenty of dining spots, pubs and stores nearby.
  • Mercure Bali Legian on the other hand, is situated on the corner of Jl Sriwijaya & Jl Legian. Visitors have the option to walk across Jl Legian and take a stroll, along Jl Melasti to access the beach. Its situated a bit inland than Pullman but still conveniently, near a range of attractions.
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Room Categories and Comfort

In terms of the size and comfort of the room in both hotels, this parameter is unique for each. The highest room class in Pullman is Deluxe, which has an area of 42 sqm . At the same time in Mercure there are several types of rooms: Superior, 28 sqm and Deluxe with a balcony, 35 sqm and 51sqm Privilege Deluxe . For those who want more space, it seems more logical to choose a Deluxe room in Pullman or Privilege Deluxe in Mercure.

Hotel Vibe and Ambiance

Both Pullman and Mercure guarantee restful settings, which undoubtedly saves people from the energised tone Hard Rock leaves. Offering a slowed-down vibe to visitors who desire to drift away from messy life and spending some quality ‘me’ time, both hotels serve with peace in mind. Having a peaceful environment in common, the two are different in terms of property personality.

Guest Experiences and Feedback

Most travellers rely on recommendations firsthand. According to several guests who have stayed at the Pullman multiple times, this hotel offers a great location, particularly great access to restaurants, shopping malls and the beach. Another thing guests rave about is the beautification of the spacious rooms after the Pullman renovation in 2013.

In contrast, Mercure Legian is much younger than the company’s branch in Kuta. Several visitors were even fortunate enough to lease a bedchamber with a private pool on the veranda, allowing them to incorporate an air of elegance to their visit. Nevertheless, open reviews from guests acquainted with this hotel are insufficient and consequently, some characteristics should be weighed to ensure a balanced summary.

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Feature/AspectPullman Bali LegianMercure Bali Legian
LocationJl Pantai Kuta & Jl MelastiJl Sriwijaya & Jl Legian
Beach AccessDirectly across the roadShort walk
Leading Room Size42sqm28sqm
Unique OfferingRooftop barRooms with plunge pools

Frequently Asked Questions

How close are the Pullman and Mercure to the main attractions in Bali?
Both hotels are conveniently situated, providing effortless access to the beach and the top attractions in Bali.

Why choose the Pullman over other hotels?
The Pullman is known for its location large Deluxe rooms and peaceful atmosphere making it a top choice for returning visitors.

Why might the Mercure be a better choice for some travelers?
Mercure provides room options and its recently opened location in Legian could be attractive to individuals seeking contemporary features and style.

How do the two hotels compare in terms of price?
The cost at each hotel may vary based on the room type selected. The timing of your reservation even though they both have similar pricing.

Are there any other hotels in the vicinity worth considering?
Sure, the Magani hotel, situated in the middle of the two is also a choice especially if they have rooms available for your planned travel dates.

Ultimately, choosing between Pullman and Mercure on your stay in Legian, Bali is picking experiences like others. It’s not merely about your stay, but more about the memories you make, the moments you live and the tales you bring back. So, pack your bags, free your soul and let Bali do its wonders on you.

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