Elderly individuals are lining up at the airport in Bali: details on eligibility, age criteria and who can accompany them

When we think of travelling, the first thing that might come to our mind is the thought of excitement and the exploration of the unknown. However, travelling can be a stressful experience for many senior citizens. The hectic and trafficky environment of airports coupled with the physical challenges that comes with travelling may be a real issue for those who are of senior age.To solve this problem, Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport has provided a queue for senior citizens. The surfaced is obvious, but how can seniors benefit from this and utilize it to the best of their ability? Let me explain.

Location and Accessibility

One common inquiry that frequently comes up is, “So where can we find this line for seniors?” From what travelers have shared there appears to be a bit of uncertainty surrounding this matter. Recent travelers mostly agree that the immigration hall is now located on the left although a few early visitors remember it being on the opposite side. This prime spot makes it convenient for seniors reducing the need for them to walk distances.

Eligibility Criteria: Age and More

The queue also is known as a ‘senior citizens’ queue they said.Okay, so how does it work, what’s it for? Are there certain requirements?Is it just for seniors, is this a senior citizens’ queue they said?Yeah, that’s right.The age began to be discussed.Okay, so people have to be over… ‘Sixty, yeah,’ she said.I won’t name names, but some recent travellers told us that the age may have been increased since then. It is now 70 years, not 60, they tell us.Someone has to be 70, that’s right, that’s probably because this population grew over the years.So, everyone saw that the queue is for senior citizens but you also mentioned helpers.Other people can also be in the queue, right.They can help in the queues so that they can have someone with her.

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Maximizing the Benefits

The primary purpose of the seniors queue to ensure an efficient and less frustrating experience for elderly citizens, was achieved. Unfortunately, due to the predisposition of numerous factors, such as the number of arriving planes and the corresponding crowd and the present number of active immigration officers for example, some participants managed to get through quite quickly. Simultaneously, other days were characterized by quicker progress using the standard queue.

Pay attention when you arrive: if the zig-zag ones look like they are moving faster or are shorter, try them. If the seniors queue looks efficient and you’re not a hardy soul, use it.


How can I determine the best queue to join?
Upon arrival, assess the situation. If the line for seniors appears to be moving faster or more organized consider choosing that one. If the standard queues move quickly you might want to hop in.

Why the potential change in age requirement?
The rise in travelers is believed to be the cause although there has been no official confirmation. Changing the age requirement could be a way to improve queue management and accommodate travelers more effectively.

Can multiple family members accompany a senior?
Typically one helper is allowed. However a few travelers have mentioned that they traveled with family members without facing any problems.

In conclusion, Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport’s launch of the seniors’ queue validates Indonesia’s effort to improve the travel experience for everyone. Even if there are faults here and there, the initiative is a commendable milestone. Senior passengers and their entourages need to be aware and keen on how to go about it to enjoy the service and onshore destination smoothly.

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