Exploring Tipping Customs in Bali: Frequency, Amounts and Local Etiquette

Welcome to Bali, a Paradise Island of Gods – a place adored by tourists from all over the world. Whether it’s the beaches, the culture, or the residents, Bali offers something to make your vacation unforgettable. However, there is always that one question: Do you tip? If so, how much? Wondering when to tip in Bali ? Let’s find out.

Understanding the Tipping Culture in Bali

Bali isn’t traditionally a tipping culture, though because of the tourists and because of Westernisation, it’s certainly what you’ll be asked to do. In the tourism and service sectors, tipping has sky-rocketed with the visitors and, though it’s not compulsory, if someone does something for you above and beyond the call of duty, then be liberal.

How Much Should You Tip?

Private Drivers and Tours

The typical cost for a day of sightseeing usually lasting 8 10 hours ranges from IDR600,000 to IDR700,000 per vehicle and not, per person. Some visitors also give their driver a sum of IDR50,000 for lunch. By the close of the day it’s typical to add an IDR100,000 beyond the agreed upon rate for a whole day excursion. If you’ve hired the driver for a few hours you may want to consider adjusting the tip accordingly.

Taxi Rides

For trips, such as from the airport to a nearby hotel, its considered thoughtful to round up or include a little extra. For example if the fare amounts to IDR65,000 offering IDR100,000 would be a gesture.

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Other Services

When dining out or visiting a spa its always appreciated to leave a gratuity of 10 20% for service although its not obligatory. In tourist destinations tipping has become increasingly prevalent.

Factors to Consider When Tipping

The second issue you should account for when deciding how much is given as a tip is the duration of the service. For example, if I hired a driver who would be my call for seven days from 8 to 10 hours, I should give him more money than if I hire a driver for two hours. Moreover, another valid reason to give a larger tip is the quality of the service. If a driver or service provider has done more than expected, the tip should be larger. Finally, some workers, especially in Bali, would be in an extremely miserable economic situation. Would you want to help them?


  • How often should I tip in Bali? Tipping is not required,. It is always nice to show appreciation for outstanding service or when someone goes the extra mile.
  • Why is tipping becoming more common in Bali? The growing impact of culture and the rise in tourism have led to an increase in the practice of tipping particularly within the tourism and service industries.
  • How do I know how much to tip? Take into account how long the service has been provided and the level of service quality along with the circumstances of the service provider.
  • Why do some people give “lunch money” to drivers? Ensuring the driver has money for a meal during a day of work is a thoughtful gesture.
  • How do locals view tipping? Tipping, although not a custom is gaining wider acceptance and is consistently valued.
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Overall, while a tip is not common in Bali, it is always appreciated – especially on the service and tourism sectors. And remember: any doubt, always, take into consideration the quality and length of service – and tip from the heart.

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